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Training for Professionals on Violence Against Women

Training for Professionals on Sexual Violence

Developing a Response to Sexual Violence

A Resource Guide for Ontario’s Colleges and Universities

A new resource to assist Ontario’s colleges and universities in their ongoing efforts to prevent and respond to sexual violence.

Training professionals on how to foster a more responsive and supportive environment for women who experience sexual violence is part of Ontario’s Sexual Violence Action Plan.

Projects are provincial in scope, evidence-based, reflect current promising practices and will create resources and support over 80 workshops. Over 6,000 professionals who will be trained include:

See a list of training programs professionals on sexual violence.

Training to Address Human Trafficking

A free online training program is now available in English and French for service providers who support victims of human trafficking across Ontario.

These include people in the legal and law enforcement communities, as well as the labour, licensing enforcement, child support, health, welfare, social and victim services sectors.

Training for Professionals on Domestic Violence

As part of the government’s Domestic Violence Action Plan, professionals and service providers are receiving training to better identify and support women and children who are at risk of violence. This training and the companion resources have been developed to meet the needs of professionals and service providers in education, health, justice and social services sectors.

To date, more than 34,000 professionals and service providers have participated in these training initiatives and 96% of respondents surveyed indicated that, as a result of the training, they were better equipped to identify situations of abuse and provide appropriate supports and referrals.

Training for Law Students

The Ontario Women’s Directorate provided funding to the Law Commission of Ontario to develop model course components for Ontario law students on issues related to violence against women, with particular emphasis in domestic or intimate partner violence.

Overcoming Barriers and Enhancing Supportive Responses
Overcoming Barriers and Enhancing Supportive Responses

Violence Against Women Learning Network

The Violence Against Women Learning Network is a program of the Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women and Children that supports English language training and public education initiatives across Ontario. Through an electronic clearinghouse, knowledge exchange workshops, research and a Resource Group, it will provide easier access to resources, including curricula, research reports and evaluation tools.

The Learning Network also develops tools and provides information to improve the quality and consistency of training and public education. This will contribute to better services for victims and a reduction in violence against women.

French Language Training Institute

(In French only)

The French-Language Training Institute has the mandate of providing training to support the activities of Francophone organizations and caseworkers in Ontario that offer services to women who are dealing with violence. Through its numerous activities carried out under the umbrella of Action ontarienne contre la violence faite aux femmes (AOcVF), the Institute contributes to sharing and increasing the level of knowledge and developing the intervention skills that make it possible to offer high-quality French-language services that are adapted to the users, taking into account the reality of French-language services in a minority setting.

Here is an overview of the Institute’s activities: