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Are You in Danger?
Call 911 or your local police immediately.

Are You in Crisis?
Call the Assaulted Women's Helpline:
1-866-863-0511 (Toll Free) 1-866-863-7868 (TTY) 416-863-0511 (Toronto)

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Getting Help

Services for Women Experiencing Violence

Communities across Ontario offer services to women of all ages who have experienced, live with, or are in fear of violence. All of these services are free and confidential.

I need to call a helpline

Free, confidential, 24-hour helplines offer someone to talk to, crisis counselling, emotional support, safety planning, legal information and other assistance.

I need medical treatment

Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centres provide 24x7 emergency care to women, children and men who have been recently sexually assaulted.

I need to go to a Sexual Assault Centre

Sexual Assault and Rape Crisis Centres are found across the province and offer a wide variety of services to women who have experienced recent or past episodes of sexual assault, sexual harassment and childhood sexual abuse.

I need to go to a Safe Shelter

Women and their children seeking safety from violence and abuse. The clickable map will serve as a fast resource to connect women with the nearest shelter that can offer safety, hope and support.

I need to report a crime to the police

Sexual assault is a crime and you have the right to report what happened to the police. Some police services have specialized units that deal specifically with sexual assault cases.

I need counselling, health care, mental health or financial services

Crisis counselling, health care, mental health or financial services, legal information and other assistance.

What can I do if I’m being sexually harassed?

Learn about Sexual Harassment and the Ontario Human Rights Code. The Ontario Human Rights Commission outlines an action plan for sexual harassment and offers useful advice.