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Public Awareness

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Public Education Resources can be ordered for free at Service Ontario Publications.

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We fund and participate in the development and delivery of a number of educational initiatives to prevent violence against women in communities across the province.


The Draw-the-Line Public Education Campaign uses social marketing to challenge Ontarians to think about how they would respond to situations of sexual violence against women and girls. The campaign is delivered by the Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres (OCRCC).


Neighbours, Friends and Families

The province-wide Neighbours, Friends and Families public education campaign is designed to help those who may be closest to an abused woman recognize the signs of abuse and understand what they can do. The different campaigns are directed to different groups and communities.

Kizhaay Anishinaabe Niin: I am a Kind Man

This education initiative inspires Aboriginal men and boys to help stop all forms of abuse toward Aboriginal women and girls and to treat them with equality.

It starts with you – It stays with him

The White Ribbon Campaign is designed to encourage men to act as role models for boys and to educate boys about gender equality and relationship skills.

Workplace Violence

The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires employers in Ontario to assess the risks of workplace violence, and put into place policies and programs regarding workplace violence and workplace harassment. Information materials are available to help employers and workers understand the requirements of the act.

Family Law Education for Women (FLEW)

The goal of the Family Law Education for Women campaign is to help all women in Ontario access information on their rights and options under the law. Educational materials are available in 14 languages.

Promoting Healthy, Equal Relationships

Gender-based violence is rooted in inequality, and research has shown that attitudes and behaviours often form long before adulthood. Teachers play a vital role to help influence children and youth’s attitudes and behaviour toward healthy, equal relationships.

Resource materials are available for teachers to help students understand what healthy, equal relationships are and the importance of respecting themselves and others. While most of the material is suitable for students age 8 – 14 the information is applicable for many grade levels.