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Consulting on an Updated Domestic Violence Action Plan and a Gender-Based Violence Strategy

Ontario is engaging with agencies and people with lived experience of domestic violence and gender-based violence across Ontario in September 2017 to learn from their experiences and provide an opportunity to give insights into our services and supports.

Engagement sessions will bring together a wide range of community partners, including experts from the violence against women sector, to discuss collaborative responses to gender-based violence in the province.

The information gathered from these consultations and information we have heard in the past will inform government planning on an updated Domestic Violence Action Plan as well as create a Gender-Based Violence Strategy.

Ontario’s Recent Work to Address Domestic and Gender-Based Violence

In 2004, the province released its Domestic Violence Action Plan which set out a collaborative approach to:

  • Provide better community supports for victims, including enhanced counselling services and transitional and housing supports.
  • Support training of front-line workers and professionals across sectors.
  • Promote public education and prevention to change attitudes and mobilize communities to stop violence before it happens.
  • Improve Ontario’s criminal and family justice systems to better protect women and their children and hold abusers accountable for their behaviours.

There have been two progress reports on the Domestic Violence Action Plan, in 2007 and 2012. The Minister of Community and Social Services also appointed a Domestic Violence Advisory Council in 2007.

In addition, Ontario has continued to demonstrate its commitment to ending violence based on gender by introducing the Sexual Violence and Harassment Action Plan (2015), the Long Term Strategy to End Violence Against Indigenous Women (2016) and the Strategy to end Human Trafficking (2016).

What is Gender-based Violence?

There are many definitions of gender-based violence. It can include any form of violence that is based on an individual’s gender, gender expression or gender identity and is intended to control, humiliate or harm the individual. Violence based on gender is an issue that affects diverse populations including women, Indigenous persons, LGBTQI2S, racialized women, non-status, youth, persons with disabilities and seniors.

This month’s engagement sessions will help inform the province’s definition.

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