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Improving Economic Security

Supporting programs that help low-income and abused women gain new skills, new careers and new opportunities is one way the Ontario government is helping women build a better future.

We support programs to help women get the jobs and entrepreneurial training they need to increase their economic security.

Then Now Next: Ontario’s Strategy for Women’s Economic Empowerment

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Employment Training for Women

These programs provide:

Training for Women Entrepreneurs

Microlending for Women in Ontario helps low-income women start and build successful businesses.

Learn more about Microlending for Women in Ontario.

Investing in Women’s Futures

Through the Investing in Women’s Futures program, Women's Issues supports initiatives in 25 women’s centres located in communities across Ontario.

These initiatives help prevent violence against women and promote women’s economic independence. They help women develop skills and abilities that will reduce their vulnerability to poverty and abuse. Services at the centres vary and include:

  • Employment and entrepreneurial training and support
  • Safety planning for women experiencing abuse
  • Public education to prevent violence against women