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Final Report: Research on Settlement Services Available in French for Francophone Newcomers to Ontario

STUDY CONDUCTED FOR THE ONTARIO Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration


Our research methodology called for interviews with eight organizations in Francophone immigrant communities. These organizations offer their members a variety of services such as athletic activities for young people, social and cultural activities for members of the public, training in cultural competency, and general information.

Seven of the eight organizations that were invited to do so participated in the research. Six of the seven are not-for-profit organizations. Some have 100 members; others have 200 members; and one has 700 members. Others have no members but offer services to a diverse clientele.

Representatives of these organizations report that the overwhelming majority of their members immigrated to Ontario directly. Fewer than 20% of their members immigrated to another part of Canada, then moved to Ontario. All were aware of the welcoming and settlement organizations in their region and, if necessary, referred their members. Most had tacit, informal partnerships with welcoming and settlement organizations.

The respondents reported that the overwhelming majority of their members enrolled their children in local French-language schools. Only a small number of immigrants preferred English-language schools or immersion programs. On the other hand, the respondents reported that many of their members’ children pursued a postsecondary education at a college or university in English. According to the respondents, these individuals believed that getting a postsecondary education in English would help their economic integration in Ontario. In some regions, in particular in Toronto, this was because of the availability of programs.

The respondents shared their opinions on the integration of members of their organization in Ontario. The challenges are mainly related to economic integration, which has an impact on cultural and social integration.

The respondents suggested various ways to promote the integration of Francophone immigrants in Ontario. They suggested an advertising campaign to explain the value of Francophone immigration to Ontario, training in cultural competency, and work with employers to support them to hire immigrants.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
List of Tables
1. Mandate
2. Organization of the Report
3. Demographic Analysis
4. Review of the Literature
5. Survey of Settlement Service Organizations
6. Finding of Our Interviews with Service Providers
7. Findings of Interviews with Francophone Leaders
8. Findings of the Focus Groups
9. French Language Bridge Training Programs
10. Summary of Research Findings
11. Conclusion: Further Avenues for Research