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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Partnership Project begin?
The Partnership Project began as a discussion on ways to strengthen the relationship between the Ontario government and the province’s not-for-profit sector. The discussion launched on April 22, 2010 and culminated in a report delivered to the Premier in December, 2010.

Why did the government launch this project?
The Government of Ontario recognizes the vital importance of the not-for-profit sector in building and maintaining healthy communities. Ontario’s communities have and will continue to go through significant changes over the next decade – changes that will present both challenges and opportunities. These will include demographic changes, the aging of the population, and continued economic re-structuring. In all these areas, the not-for-profit sector will play a vitally important role. It is in everyone’s interests for the government to focus on creating and sustaining an environment for a vibrant and successful sector.

How large is the not-for-profit sector in Ontario?
In Ontario, the not-for-profit sector generates some $50 billion in annual revenues, representing 7.1% of GDP, and it employs 1 million people. The sector is much larger, for example, than the automotive, agriculture or construction industries. The sector includes food banks, youth employment services, immigrant settlement, theatres and museums, environmental protection, soccer clubs, seniors’ centres, and shelters for the homeless. These are just a few of the many vitally important services provided by organizations in the sector. Each contributes to the building of healthy and vibrant communities in Ontario.