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Get Settled In Your Community

A New Direction

Ontario’s Immigration Strategy

A new direction for immigration in Ontario – attracting highly skilled workers and their families, supporting diverse communities and growing a globally-connected economy.

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If you are a newcomer to Ontario, you will want to get settled as quickly as possible.

Learn about how Ontario’s settlement agencies can help you. Ontario has organizations called settlement agencies that can help you get settled and adjust to your new
life in Ontario. These settlement services are free. They are often available in many languages.

Find housing

Learn to speak English or French Ontario has many programs that can help you learn English or French. You can take beginner lessons if you do not speak the language at all. Or you can take more advanced studies.  

Prepare to work in Ontario

Ontario’s education system

Did you know?
After English (8.2 million people) and French (490,000), the five languages most commonly spoken in Ontario homes are Chinese (475,000), Italian (280,000), Spanish (160,000), German (158,000) and Portuguese (155,000)

Government services The Government of Ontario and the Government of Canada provide programs and services to help you get settled.

Volunteer in your community

Nominate someone for an honour or award

Welcome to Ontario. This handy booklet provides information on living and working in Ontario. It is available in 14 languages. Read online, download or order.

The First Days Guide: A Newcomers Guide To Their First Two Weeks In Ontario also has helpful information. It is available in more than 20 languages.

Settlement.org is an online information service that can help you settle and find services in Ontario. It is written in more than 30 languages. Visit this settlement.org page to find a settlement agency or a specific type of service near you. Or you can explore settlement.org for the information you need.   

Go to our Newcomers page for other information on services available to you.