Working in Ontario

Working in Ontario

Getting started

To work anywhere in Canada, you need to get a social insurance number (SIN) from Human Resources and Social Development Canada.

You don’t need a work permit if you’re a permanent resident. You do need a temporary work permit if you’re staying and working just a short time or seasonally in Ontario.

In some situations, students are able to work while studying and after graduating. If you plan on working temporarily in Ontario after you graduate, you will need a work permit.

The work environment

Ontario’s economy offers many types of work and opportunities. To help you enter and understand the labour market and work environment, here are some resources:


Working in your field

How can you get a job in your field and put your skills and talents to work in Ontario? Here are some ways and some tools:


Evaluating your international academic credentials

If you graduated from a university, college or a training institute outside Canada, you will need to find out how your international academic credentials are recognized in Ontario. Employers, educational institutions, licensing groups, professional associations and apprenticeship programs all need to know what academic training you received before coming to Ontario.

If you plan to enroll in any studies in Ontario, your transcripts or other academic documents need to be evaluated. Contact your school directly to learn what information they need.

Having your professional credentials reviewed

Internationally trained doctors, lawyers and other such professionals will need their international education, training and experience reviewed to ensure they meet Ontario’s standards.

If you want to practice your profession in Ontario, you must apply to the organization that regulates or gives you a licence to practice. Each regulatory group has its own way of assessing your credentials.

Having your trade credentials reviewed

Certification is mandatory for some skilled trades such as electrician, plumber, hairstylist, motorcycle technician, etc, and voluntary for others, such as chef, cabinet maker, general carpenter, etc.

Tradespeople who have enough work experience to meet Ontario standards, and pass a written examination, receive a certificate of qualification. The government also helps tradespeople to enter an apprenticeship.


Immigrating to Ontario through Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP)

Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program allows Ontario to select immigrants to meet special work needs. Individuals nominated by the province and approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada are fast-tracked for Canadian permanent residence.

The program is for:


Starting your own business

Ontario is an excellent place to start a business. Small business enterprise centres can help with detailed information and services on topics like writing a business plan, hiring lawyers and accountants, licences and permits, finding business mentors, and more.

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