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Minister’s Employers Table

The successful selection and integration of immigrants into Ontario’s workforce is an economic imperative. More than 30 per cent of Ontario’s workforce is immigrants and this number is expected to increase in the coming years.

As part of Ontario’s Immigration Strategy, the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration has established the Minister’s Employers Table to seek advice on Ontario’s labour market needs and the role of employers in the changing immigration system. Through the Employers Table, Ontario seeks to build a strong relationship with employers and to better understand employer immigration needs and challenges.

The Employers Table is a key step in Ontario’s Immigration Strategy to attract a skilled workforce, help newcomers succeed and build a stronger economy.

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The Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration has launched a new award to recognize leaders in immigrant employment. The Ontario Award for Leadership in Immigrant Employment will be presented in three categories: the Employer Award, the Champion Award and the Immigrant Entrepreneur Award. Nominations close September 16.

Expert Roundtable on Immigration

In response to challenges with the current immigration system and federal funding cuts, the Ontario government established the Expert Roundtable on Immigration in March 2012.

The Expert Roundtable was created to assess how immigration can best support Ontario’s economic development and help newcomers get jobs. Its role was to provide advice to the government to inform the development of Ontario’s first-ever immigration strategy.

"Expanding our Routes to Success: The Final Report by Ontario’s Expert Roundtable on Immigration" is a report developed by the Expert Roundtable on Immigration that outlines recommendations that address issues of immigrant selection, settlement, and integration.

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Stakeholder Consultations

In April and June 2012, Parliamentary Assistant, Teresa Piruzza led consultations with a number of stakeholders in Toronto, Windsor, Mississauga, Ottawa and Kingston.

Six targeted consultation sessions explored the following topics:

  • economic immigration;
  • two-step migration;
  • settlement and integration;
  • labour market integration;
  • Francophone immigration and settlement; and
  • local and regional immigration needs.

Participants included:

  • employers
  • trade associations and unions
  • educational institutions
  • settlement and integration service providers
  • Francophone community experts
  • municipalities
  • local immigration partnerships

The information collected from these stakeholder consultations and work from an Expert Roundtable on Immigration will help develop Ontario’s Immigration Strategy.