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Partnership Project

Partnership Project

The Partnership Project was an eight-month consultation process to discover ways on how to strengthen the relationship between the Ontario government and the not-for-profit (NFP) sector to best support Ontario families. The project was launched on April 22 and culminated in a report submitted to the Premier in December, 2010.

Participants were invited to share their views on how government can be more responsive, supportive and accessible to the sector. Participants advised on legislation, policies, structural issues and funding mechanisms. They also contributed ideas on how to better coordinate policy, research and communication with and for the sector.

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Email: Partnershipproject@ontario.ca

Best Practice Procurement Guide Consultation

The Ontario Ministry of Finance invites you to participate in a consultation session on the development of a Best Practices Procurement Guide for publicly funded organizations.

To register for a session, or for additional information, visit the BPS Supply Chain Secretariat website or email BPSSupplyChain@ontario.ca.