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A New Direction: Ontario’s Immigration Strategy

Strategy Objectives
Growing a Globally-Connected Economy

Immigration is not a one-way ticket. Newcomers to Ontario arrive with vital ties and connections to their former homelands that can be leveraged to produce economic growth and prosperity for Ontario.

The key to realizing this two-way benefit is to quickly integrate immigrants into our economy.

That means moving to a unified system of delivering Immigrant settlement services that allows immigrants to get the help they need quickly.

Another key to Ontario leveraging the global value of immigration is to get the internationally trained working in their fields as soon as possible. Barriers are coming down, but the internationally trained still face a number of challenges getting their credentials and experience recognized.

One of the biggest obstacles to building a globally-connected economy is professional language training for immigrants. Proficiency in English or French is essential to living and working in Ontario.

Mastering language fluency and cross-cultural communication quickly is critical for immigrant success and building strong, two-way global connections in our economy.

Our targets

How we get there