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Expanding Our Routes To Success

The Final Report By Ontario's Expert Roundtable On Immigration

Appendix - Who Does What: Shared Jurisdiction in Immigration

Federal Role

Administers the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and other legislation governing immigration to Canada.

In consultation with provinces, sets annual immigration levels / selects most immigrants to Canada. Ensures public safety and security related to immigration, including determining admissibility.

Funds immigrant settlement services to support the integration of newcomers.

Provides admission to temporary residents and provides determinations on refugee claims.

Confers and/or revokes citizenship.

Ontario's Role

Supports the social and economic integration of newcomers through orientation and referral services, language training, and employment supports.

Limited selection of immigrants destined to Ontario through Opportunities Ontario: Provincial Nominee Program and the Temporary Foreign Worker Agreement.

Influences federal immigration policies and programs in Ontario by engaging in multilateral immigration tables and bilateral agreements.