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Expanding Our Routes To Success

The Final Report By Ontario's Expert Roundtable On Immigration

Appendix - Acknowledgements

This report is the responsibility of the Roundtable members. The advice and recommendations are those of the Roundtable, but they would not have been possible without the tremendous administrative and research support from the staff at the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration.

We appreciate the assistance of the Fairness Commissioner and of the Deputy Ministers of Citizenship and Immigration, Colleges and Universities, Economic Development and Innovation, Finance and Labour, and their colleagues. We also appreciated the contributions of Francis Fong of TD Economics.

The Mowat Centre at the School of Public Policy & Governance at the University of Toronto provided support to the Roundtable by consolidating the views of the Roundtable into documents and preparing this report at the direction of the Roundtable's Chair. The Roundtable gratefully acknowledges the exceptional contributions of the Mowat team: Director Matthew Mendelsohn; Neville McGuire and Melissa Molson, team leads for the project; Meaghan Barrett, who provided research support; and Josh Hjartarson, who provided overall policy direction.