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Ontario’s Immigration Strategy

A New Direction

Ontario’s Immigration Strategy 2016 Progess Report

A new direction for immigration in Ontario – attracting highly skilled workers and their families, supporting diverse communities and growing a globally-connected economy.

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Group of Experts on Francophone
Immigration 2015-2016

The Group of Experts on Francophone Immigration was established in June 2015, following a recommendation by the French Language Services Commissioner (FLSC).

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Ontario is the province of choice for newcomers. Our economic future depends on helping our newcomers integrate successfully into their communities and the workplace.

We know that when our newcomers succeed, our province succeeds.

Ontario’s Immigration Strategy sets a new direction for how we select, welcome and assist immigrants to our province. This vision will help build a highly skilled workforce and support the development of strong communities where all Ontarians can thrive.

The strategy has three key objectives:

  • Attracting a skilled workforce and growing a stronger economy.
  • Helping newcomers and their families achieve success.
  • Leveraging the global connections of our diverse communities to increase our prosperity.

To help inform the development of this strategy, the Ministry has consulted with an Expert Roundtable on Immigration and engaged various public stakeholders to make sure Ontario’s Immigration Strategy works for everyone.