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Global Experience Ontario

Global Experience Ontario (GEO) is an information centre that guides internationally trained individuals and newcomers through the process of becoming certified or licensed to work in one of Ontario’s non-health regulated professions or skilled trades.

Live GEO Webinars

How to get Licensed and Registered

Join one of our free live webinars and find out how to work as a licensed and registered engineer, accountant, teacher, early childhood educator or social worker in Ontario.

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If you are an internationally trained individual new to Canada, an internship program can help you gain Ontario work experience in your specific field. These programs can be paid or unpaid.


A number of organizations across Ontario provide mentoring opportunities to internationally trained individuals.

Career Maps and Skilled Trades Fact Sheets

Career Maps and Skilled Trades Fact Sheets describe the steps you need to take to get your licence and certification to work in your profession. Some also provide information about the need for people in your profession.

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Global Experience Ontario (GEO)
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