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Online Consultations

Your feedback is important to us. Please consider the questions below and send us your responses at info.mci@ontario.ca

  1. 1.  The Government of Ontario is committed to immigration. In your view, what are Ontario’s biggest immigration challenges over the next five years? For government, immigrants and society as a whole?
  2. 2.   An aging population, lower birth rate and growing pressure on business to operate and compete globally means immigration is critical to Ontario’s continued economic health. How can we best reconcile our actual labour force needs with the skills and talents of Ontario’s newcomers?
  3. 3.  In your opinion, which aspects of the Canada Ontario Immigration Agreement (COIA) have worked well? What parts of COIA would you wish to see changed or improved?
  4. 4.  The first COIA helped Ontario develop strong programs in the area of settlement, language training and labour market integration of newcomers. We want to go to the next level and become full partners on immigration with the federal government. In your view, what does that mean, and what would this partnership look like?
  5. 5.  The key to the successful integration of immigrants into Ontario society is through effective partnerships. How do you see yourself/your organization/your community working with the Ontario government to achieve success?
  6. 6.  The Government of Ontario values the richness of our Franco-Ontarian communities, and wants to encourage Francophone immigrants to come here to live. What are some of the ways we can attract Francophone immigrants to our province?
  7. 7. Ontario receives more immigrants, by far, than any other Canadian province. In the age of internet technology and Web 2.0, how can we ensure immigrants continue to view Ontario as their destination of choice? Similarly, what innovative ways would you suggest to help newcomers integrate into Ontario society?
  8. 8. Recent changes in federal policy governing how people are selected for entry to Canada seem to have had an adverse effect on Ontario. Ontario would like to have more of a say in immigration policy issues, including selection. In your opinion, how can this be achieved?

We welcome your comments! Please send your responses to info.mci@ontario.ca.

We regret we cannot respond to specific queries, but thank you for your participation in this important process.