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Success stories

Getting a job that uses your skills and education is very important. That is why the Government of Ontario has invested more than $250 million since 2003 in more than 300 Bridge Training programs that to help about 50,000 internationally trained individuals. These programs are for internationally trained individuals who seek employment in regulated and non-regulated professions. They help these skilled professionals get the training they need to find a job in their field.

Ontario’s Bridge Training programs really made a difference for these four people. They can make a difference for you.

Clara Patricia Hernandez-Luna

Video of Clara Patricia Hernandez-Luna

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“My name is Patricia Hernandez and I am an optometrist from Colombia... My husband found the Bridging program. I saw that it was for international optometrists. I said, this is what I need…”

– Clara Patricia Hernandez-Luna, licensed optometrist, pursuing a Master’s Degree in Vision Science, took optometric bridge training program at the University of Waterloo

Vikas Keshri

Video of Vikas Keshri

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“I came here in July 2007. I was looking for a specific thing geared to social work profession. So this was catering to that need…”

– Vikas Keshri, social worker, graduate of Internationally Educated Social Worker program at Ryerson University


Ruth Kambali

Video of Ruth Kambali

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“Nursing is not a job, nursing is not money for me. Nursing is me being there for those who need me...”

– Ruth Kambali, Registered Nurse, graduate of Internationally Educated Nursing BSc program at York University


Naureen Imran

Video of Naureen Imran

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“I came to Canada in 1998 from Pakistan. When we came here I was thinking whether I should go back to the teaching spot because it is a new place for me. I should go back and find what I can do to have those skills to work as an ECE (Early Childhood Educator…”

– Naureen Imran, Early Childhood Educator, enrolled in Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario’s Access to the Early Childhood Education field