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Health Care

The following Bridge Training programs can help internationally educated health professionals prepare to enter specialized bridging programs, obtain licensure and find employment in their field.


Bridge Training for Internationally Trained Psychologists and Allied Mental Health Professionals

Mennonite New Life Centre of Toronto

Phone: 647-776-2057 ext.307
E-mail: nisrael@mnlct.org 
Website:  http://www.bridgingprograms.org/
Location: Toronto

The BTMH program is designed to help internationally trained mental health professionals integrate successfully in the Canadian mental health labour market. Combining classroom instruction, supervised work experience and job search supports, this full-time, 11 months program is designed to:

  • Expose participants to current developments and best practices with regards to the mental health system and mental health practice with diverse populations in Ontario
  • Help participants develop professional confidence through acquiring occupation and culture specific communication skills
  • Enhance professional competency specific to the practice of mental health in Ontario
  • Offer an opportunity to acquire Canadian experience through an unpaid supervised placement
  • Support participants through employment supports and services

Bridge Training in Healthcare Interpreting for Internationally Educated Professionals

York University

Website: www.yorku.ca
Location:  Toronto

This program provides internationally educated health professionals with specialized training in healthcare interpretation services in languages other than English and French. It provides participants with workplace culture and communication training, occupation-specific language training, opportunities to gain Canadian work experience, preparation for the National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters exam and employment services.

The program will be accessible Ontario-wide in an online format and aims  to increase stakeholder networks so that internships and other opportunities are available in municipalities across the province.

Pathways to Health Care Employment in North-Western Ontario for Internationally Trained Individuals

Confederation College

Website: www.confederationc.on.ca/splash
E-mail: tim.kerbashian@confederationc.on.ca
Phone: (807) 475-6172
Location: Thunder Bay

This project works to connect qualified bridge training participants seeking employment in a health-care field with employers in North-Western Ontario looking to hire health-care professionals.

Access to Health Services Program for Immigrants "AHSPI"

This program provides specialized training to internationally trained health services professionals to help them find employment in the same field in Ontario. This program includes occupation-specific language training, communication and the culture of the work environment; work environment simulation exercises and opportunities for visiting, networking and job shadowing with employers in related fields.

Career Transitions for International Medical Doctors

Catholic Centre for Immigrants

Phone: (613) 232-9634
E-mail: settlement@cic.ca
Website:  http://www.cic.ca
Location: Ottawa

This program helps internationally educated medical graduates and other healthcare professionals explore employment options in the non-regulated alternative healthcare sector. The program includes workshops on transferable skills and healthcare sector orientation. It also provides occupation-specific language education, workplace culture and communications training, and employment opportunities.

Michener Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Medical Laboratory Technologists


Phone: (416) 596-3101 ext. 3147
E-mail: bridgingprogram@michener.ca
Website:  www.michener.ca/access/expl.php?main=1&sub=6&sub2=1
Location: Toronto

The Michener Bridging Program for internationally educated medical laboratory technologists is an in class 16 week program. You will gain valuable simulated laboratory experience, intensive theory review, and thorough preparation to write the CSMLS certification exam. The simulated laboratory courses will assist you in obtaining Canadian work experience. This course will also fulfill all refresher course requirements from your Prior Learning Assessment (PLA). Bridging Program students will have access to a variety of student supports offered at the Michener Institute.

Michener Bridging Program for Internationally Educated Radiological (X-Ray) Technologists

The Michener Bridging Program for internationally educated medical laboratory technologists is an in class 15 week program. You will review core theory and obtain thorough preparation to write the CAMRT certification exam. Bridging Program students will have access to a variety of student supports offered at the Michener Institute.