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Ontario Bridge Training


These Bridge Training programs can help internationally trained professionals in the accounting sector gain the knowledge and information required to practice in Ontario:

Bridge Training for Internationally Educated Professionals

York University

Website:  www.yorku.ca/makemore
E-mail: makemore@yorku.ca
Location: Toronto

The Bridge Training for Internationally Educated Professionals program helps internationally trained professionals with backgrounds in accounting, business, finance, management, marketing, public administration and information technology find employment in their field of expertise. The program provides training in Canadian business culture and communication, occupation-specific language training, and technical upgrading in participants’ area of professional focus. Participants also receive career coaching and opportunities to connect with employers through mentoring, networking and internships. Participants who complete the program can earn a certificate from York University.

Interactive Online Bridging Project: Communication Skills for Professionals (CSP) for CGA Online

Certified General Accountants of Ontario (CGA)

Website: www.cga-ontario.org
E-mail: cjacques@cga-ontario.org
Location: Province-wide

An interactive online communication skills training program delivered by the Certified General Accountants of Ontario (CGA) that assists internationally trained accounting professionals enrolled in the CGA program to improve their English language, culture and communications skills. The program provides participants with career development support, coaching and mentoring to obtain professional level practical work experience, concurrent with the study of conceptual knowledge, which are both requirements in achieving the CGA designation.

Program components include:

  • Language assessment
  • Occupation-specific language training
  • Workplace culture and communication training
  • Employment services, including job search strategies, resume preparation, mentoring, and interview coaching; and
  • Work experience that will enable internationally trained accounting professionals to meet the one year senior level work experience requirement for certification.