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Ontario Bridge Training

Ontario Bridge Training programs help skilled newcomers get their license or certificate in their profession or trade, so that they find employment commensurate with their skills and experience in Ontario. The Government of Ontario funds employers, colleges and universities, occupational regulatory bodies and community organizations to deliver bridge training programs, with support from the Government of Canada.

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What bridge training programs do

Each bridge training program is unique, but in general they are designed to give internationally trained individuals:

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Who is eligible?

Participants are the internationally trained individuals (with a post-secondary degree and international work experience). Participants include Canadian citizens, permanent residents and convention refugees. International students, temporary foreign workers and individuals without post-secondary credentials are not eligible.

Bursaries for bridge training

The Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities has introduced an Ontario Bridging Participant Assistance Program, which provides bursaries of up to $5,000 to internationally trained individuals participating in eligible Ontario Bridge Training programs offered by Ontario colleges and universities. These bursaries cover participants’ direct education costs not covered by the Ontario Student Assistance Program. Such costs can include tuition, books and equipment. For more information, including a list of who is eligible and eligible Ontario Bridge Training programs, visit the OBPAP webpage here.

Please contact the program areas listed below directly for more detailed information.

Here are some Ontario Bridge Training success stories.

For internationally trained individuals

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