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Commemoration and Celebrations

Ontario Celebrates and Commemorates

The Ontario Government observes special celebrations and commemorations on behalf of the people of Ontario.

Canada Day: On July 1, Ontario celebrates Canada's birthday with fun and free activities for families on the lawns of the Ontario Legislative Buildings.
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D Day: June 6 is a day to remember the 14,000 Canadian troops who, on June 6, 1944, landed on Juno Beach and stormed ashore in the face of fierce opposition from German strongholds during World War II.
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Remembrance Day: Each November 11 we honour our war veterans and remember their selfless courage and commitment. The province holds a Ceremony of Remembrance at the Veterans' Memorial on the front lawn of the Ontario Legislature, to which the public is invited.
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Holodomor Memorial Day:  In 2010, the Ontario Legislature designated the fourth Saturday in November as a day to remember the more than 10 million Ukrainians who perished as victims of a man-made famine under Joseph Stalin’s regime.
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