ChangeTheWorld: Ontario Youth Volunteer Challenge is entering its seventh year and is now a six-week campaign with one goal: get high school students to volunteer in their community.

The 2014 campaign kicks off during National Volunteer Week in April.

What's New?

The 2014 campaign has been extended from four to six weeks, giving Ontario students more time and more volunteer events to participate in ChangeTheWorld.

Did you know?

Since 2008, more than 100,000 students have participated volunteering over 433,000 hours in their communities. That's impressive!

And in 2013, we had a total of 38,000 high school youth volunteering over 170,000 hours in their communities!

Our Goal

The 2014 goal is to engage over 33,000 young people in volunteering a minimum of 99,000 hours over the course of six weeks.

Bring your friends. Volunteer!

Encouraging Ontario Students to
“Change the World”

Ontario high school students are being challenged to “change the world” while earning the volunteer hours they need to graduate.